Why Clio’s Techscribe?

In the beginning was airplanes.

As a kid, I was interested in science and technology in general, but I was fascinated by airplanes. I read all I could about them.   Reading about airplanes led to reading about aircraft carriers.  Which lead to reading  about the carrier battles in Pacific during WWII.

I was hooked. History became my passion, and I became a disciple of Clio, the Muse of History. And a dedicated disciple I was, getting not only my bachelor’s degree, but an MA and even pursuing a Ph.D. While combat is inherently gripping, equally engrossing to me was the interaction between combat and technology.  Especially during the industrial era, how do military organizations learn how to play with all these wonderful toys?

Unfortunately, nearing completion of the degree, reality hit: the US massively overproduces Ph.Ds in the humanities.  Literally 30%-50% more Ph.D.s were graduating  than jobs were available.

A combination of career counseling and recommendations from a friend in the profession turned me to technical communication.

This disciple of Clio is now a technical communicator.  I’m now Clio’s techscribe.

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